Stand OUT & Land your Dream Job with Confidence!!!!!!

At this event, you will learn the “real world” skills of job searching in today’s market so you can stand OUT and draw employers to you!!

About this Event

Are you feeling frustrated with your current job search?

Do you feel like you are spending hours and hours combing through listings and applying to jobs only to come up empty handed?

Do you find yourself voicing any of the frustrations below?

  • I am applying to open positions, but nobody is calling me back!
  • I have spent weeks researching the best resume techniques, but I cannot get a straight answer!
  • I try to be confident during my interviews, but my nerves take over and I do poorly!
  • I thought I was receiving an offer, but that offer fell through. I really want to work for this company, but I am not sure what to do now!
  • I am starting to lose hope that I will find the right position/company. So many people are searching for new positions now and I am another small fish in a big ocean!
  • I feel JUST like this kitten below! (no he is not job searching, but he feels your pain)

We are here to help!!!!

At this event, you will learn essential (real world) job seeker skills so you can stand OUT from the crowd and draw great employers to you (not the other way around!). Top Talent Professionals will guide you through each topic, so you can gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to land your dream job!!

Topics covered include:

  • Social media readiness!
  • How to draw prospective employers to you!
  • Get your resume noticed!
  • Nailing interviews before, during and after!
  • What to do when you get an offer (or when you do not)
  • How to stand out during your first 90days of employment

Is this event for me?

All job seekers and anyone considering a career move (outside of government employment) can learn invaluable information at this event.

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About the speakers

Laurie Braddy and Debbie Zoerkler founded Top Talent Professionals in 2014. After a combined 35 years of experience, they sought to create a unique experience that didn’t include the typical “staffing firm” way of operating. They started by treating employers and candidates with the utmost respect while expecting the same in return – a key to all applications of a culture of engagement.

While considering important factors such as personality, driving force, and overall skill set, they also recognize that it is often the compatibility of the individual and the organizational culture that determines the success of all involved. Thus, their vision is to “Build Partnerships through Compatible Placements®.”

After successfully placing thousands of candidates over the years, they knew it wasn’t possible to place everyone that needed help so they created “Dream Job & the Journey Beyond” . This workshop and continued community support enables them to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to help all job seekers Stand OUT & Land their Dream Jobs with Confidence!


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