Stand OUT During Your First 90 Days

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Your first 90 days of employment is highly crucial and will set the tone for your future! Don’t be afraid to make your mark, make yourself unforgettable, and make a lasting impression that will follow you the rest of your career.

Laurie Braddy


This course is designed to help you stand OUT in your first 90 days of employment and reach your career goals earlier than most people.

  • In this Career Coaching NOW course, you’ll learn:
  • How to get the employers attention immediately (power question on day one)
  • How to spot and avoid toxic co-workers right away (these people can destroy your goals)
  • How to show initiative and use your capabilities immediately
  • How to keep track of your performance/accomplishments in a simplified manner
  • How to stand OUT and initiate performance/accomplishment discussions with your new employer (no one does this!)
  • How to determine your value before your 90 days is complete

Your results:

  • Creating a dynamic first impression for your new employer (future employers as well)!
  • Keeping the focus on YOUR career goals!
  • Avoiding career crushers!
  • Ability to grab the attention of key leadership!
  • Quickly outperforming most employees that came before you!
  • Creating a buzz within the company that will make you truly unforgettable!
  • A career path that YOU will have control over!

3 reviews for Stand OUT During Your First 90 Days

  1. Career advancement

    I just started a new position and have already followed what you have taught me and it’s working!!!!!!!! Great course!!!

  2. Simone

    Excellent course!!!!! I learned a lot about what I needed to do within my first 90 days! My new company was extremely impressed!

  3. Trevor C

    I never realized how critical the first 90 days were! This course is amazing!!!

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