Landing a New Position after a Layoff or Termination!

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Landing a new position after a lay off or termination!


You have what it takes to keep going after losing your job. You just need to know how important you really are, adjust your mindset and get back out there!

Laurie Braddy

This course is designed to get you through the initial heartbreak of losing your job, and the confidence you will need to get back out there.

In this Career Coaching NOW course, you’ll learn:

  • How to get through the initial shock and disappointment
  • How to stay away from the negative attention that often comes with losing your job
  • How to take what has happened, FORGIVE yourself and move on
  • How to prepare for re-entry into the workforce (resume, social media readiness, networking)
  • How to explain a termination to a prospective employer How to interview like a Rockstar

Your results:

  • Full confidence re-entering the job market!
  • The ability to explain your job loss in a positive way!
  • The knowledge necessary to create a dynamic resume!
  • Making yourself stand OUT and completely unforgettable!
  • Gaining the respect of the employer from the start!
  • A new beginning!

5 reviews for Landing a New Position after a Layoff or Termination!

  1. Bob S

    Great course!! Lots of valuable information!

  2. Steve H

    I can’t believe the cost of this course! The information is worth much more!! Thank you Laurie!

  3. Courtney

    Thank you!

  4. Kendall

    I was devastated after losing my job of almost 15 years. Your course provided more than a game plan for me, it provided me with confidence!!!!! I can’t say enough good things about these people!

  5. Laverne H

    I LOVE the mindset approach! I learned to truly forgive myself after being terminated. I am now with a new company that appreciates me. Thank you Laurie!!!!!

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