Interview like a Rock Star!



      How to make your resume work for YOU!


Your resume should represent your expectations, vision, and goals. It’s not just about the employer, you matter as well!

                                                                       Laurie Braddy

This course is designed to ensure that your resume stands OUT, reaches the right people, and reflects YOUR career goals!

In this Career Coaching NOW course, you’ll learn:

  • How to make your resume simple but powerful
  • How to submit your resume in a crowded market and make it past the dreaded applicant tracking systems.
  • How to get the attention of anyone who is reviewing your resume
  • How to explain gaps in your resume
  • How to take the fluff out of your resume and focus on what really matters
  • How to showcase your accomplishments no matter what your career level How the smallest details could make a BIG difference

Your results:

  • A simple and powerful resume that will stand OUT!
  • Your goals, vision, and accomplishments laid out from the start Your resume read by a real human being!
  • The confidence knowing you have a rock-solid resume!
  • Submitting your resume and receiving calls from employers!
  • Hopefully more interviews!


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