Top Talent Professionals strongly believes in creating the best possible match for their clients, and to do so, we must hold ourselves to the highest of standards. We take the time to assess the desires and professional ambitions of each candidate as well as the initiative to determine whether the candidate is a fit for the culture. You will never shake a hand or see so much as a sentence on a résumé without our confidence in this candidate. We know your time is valuable, and to us, so is your trust. Our method chooses practicality over persuasion. We go the extra mile to ensure the very best we can offer.

From Positions to Partnerships​

We are looking to establish strong and successful worker relations to ensure the success and growth of your business. We strive to take a deeper understanding of your managerial style and the overall culture of the clients we represent. By merging this understanding, we take the abilities, skills, passions, and interests of our client and assess them beyond the pages of the résumé. It’s only the highest caliber who perfectly fit the culture that makes the cut.

Our Services

Top Talent Professional will not waste your time with candidates that are just okay and barely sufficient to your expectations. Our in-depth methods strive to deliver excellence in every meeting.

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Don’t take our word for it, hear what our happy clients have to say
Top Talent Professionals is my "go to" for all my hiring needs! They actually listen to what you need and bring the best to the table. They are timely, precise, and communicate with you. I would not hesitate to refer Top Talent to anyone looking for hiring needs or resume reviews.
Sr VP of Operation
Construction company
Debbie is great to work with – she is professional, responsive, and attentive to the needs of her clients. Whenever a permanent staffing need arises, Debbie is my first call and probably always will be as long as she is providing her exemplary service within the HR staffing realm.
Non-Profit Organization
The Top Talent team are professional, resourceful & successful at finding quality talent. Working with them over the years has proven to be valuable to not only our organization but to me as a Human Resources Professional & Recruiter. They truly listen to their clients and understands their needs.
Sr VP of Talent Acquisition
Financial institution
The level of service was excellent. All the candidates were interviewed and pre-screened by Top Talent Professionals. They really focused on getting us together with the right CFO. We had good people to interview and quickly filled our job opening. We’re happy and so is our new team member.
Chief Executive Officer
Distribution firm
After posting multiple ads online as well as contacting several other agencies, we reached out to Top Talent Professionals for the recruitment of a Project Manager. They successfully delivered a top-notch candidate for us in a relatively short period of time. We did a direct hire of this individual and found the process simple and seamless. Thank you, Top Talent Team!
Director of Operation
Construction firm
Laurie really understood my company’s goal for retention and like they say on Top Talent’s website, found me the “most complete match”. She’s placed executives with my company that made significant contributions to our image and employee engagement. She’s also placed some really hard to fill roles in sales, lending, and even management. Over the years Laurie has been a resource for me, lending me her industry experience and acting as a mentor for my own career growth. I appreciate her professionalism and genuine feedback. I am one person that can recommend working with her from both the candidate and employer perspective.
Sr Talent Acquisition Manager
Financial institution

Top Talent Showcase​

We offer a coaching service for job seekers “Top Talent Showcase”

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Your Management Style,​ Our Mantra.

Not only are companies different in various ways, but so are the managers operating under the same roof. It’s not only the corporate culture of our clients that we seek to gain a visceral understanding of, but how each of the hiring managers function and what –exactly- they are looking for.

Our Promise to You, the Employer.​

Top Talent Professional will not waste your time with candidates that are just okay and barely sufficient to your expectations. Our in-depth methods strive to deliver excellence in every meeting.

  • We will vet each and every candidate to ensure a match for your company’s culture, core values, and mission statement.
  • We promise to build a healthy and growing relationship with your company. We’re not about sending warm bodies for a quick payoff, our goal is to bring the best workers we can find to represent our clients